How It Works

Simple Set-up in Just Minutes

  1. Create your free account and customize your client account interface.
  2. We deliver 3 turn-key options to instantly connect the ZipDivorce™ solution to your qualified clients.

Using ZipDivorce™ With Your Clients

  1. Your qualified clients create their own private account, pay a flat-fee online (set by you) and complete the online case information questionnaire.
  2. Your client confirms his or her case information entered and initiates the review process.
  3. An automated e-mail notification is sent to you regarding the pending review.
  4. ZipDivorce™ instantly generates the necessary completed divorce documents and filing instructions in PDF format.
  5. You perform the review of your client's case information and the completed documents.
  6. After the review is completed, you activate the documents and fling instructions for client downloading and/or printing.
  7. Your client receives an automated e-mail notification that his or her documents and step-by-step filing instructions are ready for use.
  8. Your client prints, signs and files the documents with the court according to the step-by-step instructions provided.

ZipDivorce™ delivers a limited representation approach allowing you to reach a new client base without sacrificing quality, time or profitability.

How It Works - Flow Chart