Offer Your Clients an Affordable Uncontested Divorce Alternative…

Step 1

Client Completes Online Information Intake Process.

Step 2

System Generates the Documents for Your Review.

Step 3

After Review, Your Client Prints, Signs & Files with the Court.

What is ZipDivorce™?

ZipDivorce™ enables attorneys to provide clients a limited representation solution for uncontested divorces. ZipDivorce™ delivers the opportunity to reach a new client base without sacrificing quality, time and profitability.

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How it Works

Qualified clients complete a case information questionnaire and initiate the review process. The professional completes the review and activates the documentation for the client to print, sign and file.

What ZipDivorce™ does.

About Our Company

Divorce Source, Inc. has been developing informational resources and web-based software for the divorce industry since February 1997. We truly have a "Passion for a Better Divorce"℠.

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